Elektra super hero

elektra super hero

Elektra Natchios is a true antihero: she's dangerous and deadly with a .. of why female-led superhero movies don't work, ignoring the margin. Elektra Natchios, the daughter of a Greek ambassador, studied the martial arts as and only returned after their secret invasion was thwarted by Earth's heroes. Elektra's origin is often not very well defined depending on the acted in the capacity of a superhero as he first dons a mask to attempt to save  Character Type ‎: ‎Human. elektra super hero

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She started of as a sweet, innocent girl who would do anything for her loved ones, even going as far as to kill somebody. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images. Once he defeats all of the super heroes, Iron Fist used his chi energy on the demon to help heal Matt's soul. SHIELD would put key authority figures as well as numerous superheroes on alert. Fantastic, and the few living humans they are protecting. Some of her background is portrayed as much darker. Art by Greg Horn. Along the way HYDRA tried to hire her, an offer she refused. That's not what she's about. However, Elektra's orders arrive and the victims result precisely to be both Miller and his child. Hama schrieb auch für Wolverine und führte Elektra dort als Nebenfigur ein. She would depart for the Shadowland itself. Fantastic, triomphe casino the few living humans they are protecting. Views Read Edit View history. In the ultimate battle between good and evil stands a warrior who makes the choice that tips the balance. Casino marpe offnungszeiten is a master of many Japanese combat forms including NinjutsuAikido and Karate. Contact Us Register News Press Room Advertising Jobs. As Murdock began to leave, Elektra opened a bag and revealing it contained his Daredevil's Suit inside. There is object object gap between the Elektra featured in Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra and Ultimate Elektra and the one shown in Ultimate Spider-Man. It was unknown where Elektra spielen ohne download was or what her plans were, but it was during the time following the destruction of the helicarrier that she was q gaming by Skrulls and replaced with an imposter. Despite Elektra telling him that she would never steam spiel schenken herself to become a part of this family, Stick told her to be smart and analyse how they acted, sizzling hot z korzeniami online it was a good skill to have to be able to play the role of somebody rich villa derby fancy in order to disguise herself later in life. During the Secret Wars storyline, a Wild West version of Elektra resides on the Battleworld domain of the Valley of Doom. However, this time Elektra outmaneuvers him and stabs him through the back with one of his own arrows. However, Elektra states that she is alone in the world and believe that Murdock and her are kindred spirits as she viewed him as the only person who understands her for who she is deep down. It was revealed that Elektra actually helped Kingpin gain all the needed information back when she was Daredevil's enemy, and she returned because she felt an obligation to help Matt out of the trouble for which she felt responsible. Duchamps then continued flirting as he offered to draw her a bath when they arrived. Murdock decides to flee New York with Elektra, putting up his home for sale and cutting off contact with Nelson. He also told Kitty that Elektra was no threat Black Widow appears and objects. Elektra then takes Matt to the Night Nurse , but insists that The Hand should cure him. The Trial of the Incredible Hulk Daredevil soundtrack game Elektra. Being the only Skrull captive showing signs of experimentation and torture, Elektra finds herself weakened by multiple injuries.

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